Isaac Berman

Programmer, Producer, Teacher
University of Chicago B.S. 2023, Computer Science, Math, Game Design
UI Engineer @ Atomic Theory, Rocket Science Group


At Winter's End

Narrative Adventure

Project Director, Producer, Programmer

Pedestrian Safety Simulator

3D Street-Crossing Action

Designer, Programmer


Narrative Platformer

Programmer, Co-Producer

Suitcase Junction Warrior

Luggage Sorting Management


Damaged Delivery

Sliding Block VR Puzzle

Lead Programmer, Producer

'til Morning

Full Motion Video Game

Lead Programmer


Infinite Runner

Producer, Programmer

Catching Up

Visual Novel + Minigames

Designer, Lead Programmer

Programming Writeups

Race Track

Pathfinding and level editor for a grid-based game

Editor Pong

Online Unity Editor Pong

Heart(b)eat Script Service

Dialogue writing and processing system

And More!

ClusterFlux Games Showcase

Community Showcase Video

Academic Writing