Pedestrian Safety Simulator

3D Street-Crossing Action

Programmer, Designer


May - June 2023

Media Arts and Design Practice (course final project)

Pedestrian Safety Simulator is a 3D game set in Hyde Park, Chicago. Play as Gus Wagoo and practice safe pedestrian habits like looking both ways before you cross an intersection as you complete quests across the University of Chicago campus. Take care though, because Hyde Park drivers do not have your best interests at heart, and they won't hesitate to run you down! Featuring pedestrian safety tips on every loading screen, this game is the perfect way to safely learn vital pedestrian safety skills before you brave the dangerous streets of Hyde Park.
PSS was made as a final project for the Media Arts and Design class (Spring 2023, Crystal Beiersdorfer) at the University of Chicago. It was intended as a satirical response to a "Pedestrian Safety" initiative by the University administration, aiming to point out the absurdity of blaming students for getting hit by reckless drivers. 

I worked on PSS with Eren Slifker. I built all of the game in Unity, and they developed the 3D models, sound effects, and music. We collaborated on the game's design. We worked on the project for two weeks for the class submission and spent an additional week of work on it afterward polishing and adding additional features.

Pedestrian Safety Simulator was included in a digital exhibition of media art projects in the MAAD programing at the University of Chicago, hosted on the digital platform The project was informally honored as our instructor's favorite project of the year. After we finished the project, it was informally published by the Weston Game Lab, a game development and research studio at the University of Chicago.

My Contributions:

Programming (Unity)