Til Morning

Full Motion Video Game

Lead Programmer


March 2023

Independent Game Jam


Ivy and Nadia have been dating nearly since the day they met. But as the years have passed, their relationship has begun to deteriorate. Now, with Nadia graduating soon and Ivy still with one year left in grad school, they find themselves at a crossroads.

'til Morning is a short full-motion video game about a complex and stagnating relationship. Follow Ivy and Nadia through a day in their lives as they grapple with their future, their past, and how to deal with the present. Make decisions that will shape their story, as well as the rest of their lives. Can they rekindle their love and find happiness together? Or is their relationship already doomed to fail?

'til Morning was a weekend game jam project that I worked on with a team of 8. Over roughly 4 days we wrote, filmed, edited, and implemented a ~2-hour FMV game. I was responsible for all Unity implementation for the game: importing and playing video clips, handling user input, and navigating game logic.

My Contributions:


The "Clips List" spreadsheet tracked each individual mp4 file in the game by name, and reference what clips would follow based on past user choices.