Damaged Delivery

Sliding Block Puzzle Game for Oculus Rift

Producer, Lead Programmer

Unity, Oculus Rift/Quest 2

July - August 2018

National High School Game Academy at Carnegie Mellon ETC

Damaged Delivery is a sliding-block puzzle game for Oculus Rift where the player must navigate a package to its delivery location. In the process, they must take care not to destroy the package or crash anything into the control tower. Other objects in the level complicate your progress, including other packages, glass blocks, and explosive mines. The game features over 20 completed levels and a fully functional in-game level editor.

I served as producer for Damaged Delivery as well as the lead programmer, taking responsibility for the development timeline as well as nearly all the programming.


Here the player uses the magnet to stop the package on the right from hitting the control tower, allowing the package on the left to reach the goal.