At Winter's End

Narrative Adventure

Lead Producer, Additional Programming

Unity, Yarn Spinner, Trello, Notion

June - September 2023

Summer Grant Project

Studio Website, Steam

"Every Winter gives way to Spring. For most people, this is a passive event: something that happens naturally thanks to the positions of hemispheres and stars.

But I know the reason why Winter ends. I know because the Wind told me."

At Winter's End is a cozy narrative dice-rolling RPG about 12-year-old Noel growing up in the forest of spirits. Explore the forest and complete quests while rolling dice to see how Noel responds to the challenges they face. The game was created in the summer of 2023 with a team of 9, funded by a grant from the University of Chicago. 

I served as the project's co-director and producer, responsible for hiring the seven part-time interns who worked on the project, as well as managing schedules, logistics, and team organization throughout the project. I also contributed to the game as a programmer, working on UI and gameplay polish in the second half of development. During the 10 weeks of full development with our team of 9, I maintained a weekly devlog detailing our progress and goals each week. You can find that on our studio website at

After an extended post-production and beta testing period, we released At Winter's End on Steam on November 1st, 2023. You can find the game on Steam here.

My Contributions: